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Let's Dance 2022

Dance Evolution 2022

Practicing percision
I can dance anywhere
Give it a stretch
The bored pose
The c-jump
All of me in poses
Pure elegance
Beauty, elegance and fun
Practice makes perfect
Reach for the sky
The point
Dance star
Beautiful dancer
Ballerina beauty
The beautiful C
Dance model
Leaps in time frozen
On point
Take a break
Freezing moments of elegance
Elegance and beauty
Dance model
Hard work and determination
Dance model
Dancing on the rooftop
The power of height
Artistry, poses
Beauty of the C-jump
Elegant pose
Dance model
Sunset leaps frozen for a lifetime
Romance through dance
Showcasing a dancers expertise
Artistry, poses
Freezing the perfect moment
Make a splash
Dance model
Growing up in dance
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